MINES Pose 1er LEGO 221020

November 2022

Pose de la première pierre du Campus de l'Innovation Mines ParisTech sur le site de Versailles-Satory

Démarré en septembre dernier

Visite Macron Guillaume ARGENTO 1 W Eb

December 2021

The President of the French Republic, Emmanuel Macron, discovers the French Pavilion at the Dubai World Expo

with the Cofrex team, architects Pascal Grabli (Celnikier & Grabli architects) and Luc Pérez (Atelier Perez Prado), partners and project owners.


Couv OC

December 2021

"The art of solving complexities"

Portrait of Celnikier & Grabli architects in the latest Office&Culture: from the Anzin Fire and Rescue Center to the Pavilion of France in Dubai (with Atelier Perez Prado), via the redevelopment of the Yves-du-Manoir Stadium in Colombes. Jacob Celnikier and Pascal Grabli have "the art of solving complexities».

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November 2021

Dubai Expo 2020 and the French Pavilion. Article in the latest AMC
Avancement des travaux

"Until March 31, 2022, the Dubai World Expo will be held under the theme Connecting Minds, Building the Future. Twenty-five million visitors are expected. While the event assumes its vocation to exhibit the "technologies of the future" and to generate business, it also displays environmental concerns to try to make people forget that the carbon footprint per capita of the Emirati megalopolis is one of the highest in the world. Thus, the pavilions of the 190 countries present oscillate between spectacular staging and devices adapted to the desert climate."

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December 2021

New book of projects

In 2021, Celnikier & Grabli took a closer look at its identity and its career to put its architectural production into perspective and present it through new communication tools (a website and a print book) that retrace 16 years of architectural projects, from Anzin, near Valenciennes, to Dubai. This work was an opportunity to evoke the design process of each building, a comparable process for diverse and singular experiences each time.


November 2021

French Architecture Tour

From October 31 to November 4, 2021, 12 architectural and engineering firms participated in a trip organized by Business France to the Near and Middle East.

On the agenda: collective meetings with major private and public contractors in Riyadh, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. This mission, organized in partnership with AFEX (Architectes Français à l'Export), on the occasion of the Dubai World Expo, aims to promote "made in France" innovation to prescribers in the region.

Afex ville durable bis

November 2021

Sustainable and desirable city day
at the French Pavilion in Dubai Expo on 3/11/2021

October 2021

"A little jewel of architecture and technology"

Designed by Atelier Perez Prado and Celnikier & Grabli, the building embodies the theme of light, chosen by the tricolored organizers. It can be dismantled and is 70% self-sufficient in energy. Marc Landré in Le Figaro

Dubai World Expo: the French Pavilion, a little jewel of architecture and technology.

Chantier sainte perine

October 2021

Sainte-Périne Hospital
New realization

For the past 3 years Celnikier & Grabli architects have been collaborating with Lazo & Mure Architects on the design and construction of a new 260-bed building on the site of the Sainte-Périne Hospital in the 16th arrondissement of Paris. We can guess here that the singular shape of the plan aims, among other things, to give the maximum view and light to all the rooms for the elderly. They all take advantage of the landscape, the neighborhood, and the Sainte-Périne park. No room on the courtyard

July 2021

Le Point

"Shading the square, huge awnings will protect the queues of some 25,000 daily visitors from the intense Dubai sun. This large open space, this common shelter, will express the universal welcome dear to France, comment Jacob Celnikier and Pascal Grabli. During this stopover, the public will be able to contemplate the light show designed by Boa Light Studio: a ballet of pixels animating the dynamic glazing (Saint-Gobain) of the building's facades and underside, 15 meters high.»


June 2021

A stamp for the French Pavilion

Based on an original drawing of Jacob Celnikier, the official stamp of the French Pavilion was created in partnership with the Groupe La Poste.

May 2021

The French Pavilion on the front page of Le Quotidien de l'Art!

Postponed for a year because of the health crisis, the opening of the Dubai World Expo is approaching.

The Celnikier & Grabli architects and Atelier Perez Prado agencies have delivered in time with BESIX a remarkable pavilion of sobriety and restraint, whose façade - a luminous skin designed by BOA Light Studio - ensures constant vibration and animation. In this architecture, matter and light are one

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April 2021

"Colombes: the Yves-du-Manoir stadium is being transformed for the Olympic Games"

Nathalie Moutarde by Le Moniteur

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